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What's new on EpiMonitor

EpiMonitor has everything you need in an all-in-one wearable and smartphone application solution for detecting possible generalized tonic-clonic seizures and monitoring epilepsy.

EpiMonitor is our next-generation epilepsy monitoring solution. It has everything our users loved from Embrace2, plus a range of new, highly-anticipated features, and an all-new powerful wearable. See the table below and discover how EpiMonitor compares to Embrace2.



EpiMonitor Embrace2

For children & adults

FDA-cleared for adults and children ages 6 and up

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Alert for possible tonic-clonic seizure (Call and SMS)

EpiMonitor calls your Caregivers when a potential seizure is detected

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GPS Location in alerts

Your active Caregivers know where you are during an alert through an SMS

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Self-reported seizures

Keep track of seizures, with the option to self-report any seizure type, all in a built-in , easy-to-use electronic diary

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Seizure diary

Keep track of seizures, detected and self-reported in a practical diary

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Enhanced seizure records

Easily review and add more information about your logged seizures in your personalized diary

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Alert review

Review detected alert to have a detailed report of events

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Sleep and Activity tracking

Review your physical activity and sleep alongside your seizures, so you can identify key patterns

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Self-triggered alert

Manually initiate an alert to contact your Caregiver when you feel you might need help

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Adjustable Sensing Precision

Adjust the sensing to fit your lifestyle, and reduce the chance of false alerts

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Export diary in PDF format

Share reliable data with your doctor

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E-ink display

Easily check the time, battery levels, and other functionalities

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Side buttons

Interact naturally with your EmbracePlus device to check the battery level, self-trigger an alert or discard a detected possible seizure

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Water-resistant for up to 1m/3ft

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Battery life

How long the device lasts between charges

up to 7 days

up to 48 hours


Onboard sensors to monitor your seizure activity

Accelerometer, Thermometer, EDA Sensor

Accelerometer, Thermometer, EDA Sensor



Go to to purchase your EpiMonitor and discover the future of epilepsy monitoring.

If you already own an Embrace2, check out our Trade-in program, you can get an exclusive discount on your EpiMonitor purchase!

For more information on how to upgrade from Embrace2 to EpiMonitor, please refer to: Switching from Embrace2 to EpiMonitor


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