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Embrace2 Trade-in program


EpiMonitor is a prescription only FDA-cleared medical device. It is required for customers who purchase and use EpiMonitor within the US territories to provide us with a valid prescription with ‘EpiMonitor’ indicated as the prescribed item.
Your Embrace2 prescription cannot be used for EpiMonitor. Please check this article for more information about the requirements, including a prescription template that you can share with your doctor.

Do you own an Embrace2 and reside in the US? If yes, you might be interested in upgrading to EpiMonitor!

To make sure you have a seamless upgrade, we have put in place a trade-in program. By trading in your current Embrace2 device, you can enjoy a dedicated discount on your EpiMonitor purchase.

Before starting the process, please make sure that your dedicated phone is compatible with EmbracePlus for EpiMonitor.
You can find instructions on how to check that here: EmbracePlus Smartphone Compatibility

The trade-in program is structured in a few easy steps: follow them to know the indicative value1 of your Embrace2 and to receive a discount code to buy your new EpiMonitor.

  1. Fill in the trade-in form that you can find here.
  2. Add your details. Before you submit your request, make sure they are all correct. Among them, you will have to provide:
    • Your Embrace2 serial number: it should be made of 10 characters, and it should start with the number 2, followed by letters and numbers. An example: 2QPRD1118P. You will be able to find it on the back of the Embrace or on the original box.
    • Your Embrace2 account email address: this should be the email address you use to log into the Alert App and on your MyEmbrace account.
    • Purchase date: this is the date on which you placed your order. To find it, you could look for the order confirmation in your email inbox. The object of the email would be ‘Your Empatica Order has shipped’. If you don’t remember the date exactly, you can add an estimation and we will verify it internally.
  3. You will be told an indicative value for your Embrace2, which will be confirmed by our Support Team after the request is reviewed.
  4. Our Team will review your submission and verify your eligibility for the trade-in program. Please remember that only users who currently have or had an active subscription plan in the past will be considered.
  5. If approved, you will receive an email with your unique trade-in code, some helpful information on how to use EpiMonitor, and the instructions to ship your Embrace2 back to us. If you don’t see our email, make sure to check the spam folder of your mailbox. If you wish to keep using the Embrace until you receive EpiMonitor, feel free to do so!
  6. Use your personalized trade-in code to purchase EpiMonitor with the instructions provided in the email you received from us. Once you receive your new device, you can ship back the Embrace2.
    All returned Embrace2 devices will be repurposed or recycled to help someone in need and our planet2.

Important: the trade-in code is designated for single use and will be individually unique to each user.

Please, don’t forget to request the cancellation of your Embrace2 subscription plan once you have stopped using the device, as it won’t be cancelled automatically!


1The value provided in the form is an estimate based on when you bought the Embrace2. Please note that it is subject to potential adjustments following an assessment by our Customer Happiness Team during the review process.

2Devices will be repurposed for use outside the US.

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