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How to review a detected seizure

Reviewing detected seizures helps you maintain an accurate and detailed seizure record, which is useful information to share with your doctor.


Reviewing Detected Seizures

Every time EpiMonitor detects a potential seizure, the event will be added to ‘My Diary’ in the App as a seizure to be reviewed.

Seizure Review.png Review Seizures.png

Tap on 'My Diary' feature on the main screen.

Open ‘To be reviewed’ seizures within the Diary.

Review Seizures in List.png    Seizure yes or no.png

Tap on the seizure you want to review, the ‘To be reviewed’ seizures have a gray icon with a highlighted orange dot.

By tapping on the item, you will be asked to confirm if it was a seizure or not.





Selecting Yes

 Yes seizure.png   Reviewed seizures.png

If it was a seizure, additional information will be asked. Tap on each item on the list to add the information then tap on 'Save'. The more information you provide, the better, as it can assist your doctor in providing more effective treatment.

This information will be saved in your diary and will be available in your report to be reviewed or shared with your caregivers.

Confirmed and reviewed seizures will be displayed with a purple icon.


Selecting No

Are you sure_.png False Alert.png

If it was not a seizure, you’ll be asked to confirm your selection. This is important since the event data will not be available in your Diary.


The Seizure Detected will then be classified as 'False Alert', and will not be available in your Diary.





Editing Saved Seizures

Click to Edit.png Edit Seizure.png

If you’d like to edit your review, you can simply find the seizure in ‘My Diary’.

Then tap on ‘Edit’ to make the necessary changes.


Manually adding seizures

Manual Add.png Select date.png Select time.png
To manually add seizures, tap on the “plus” icon in the bottom right corner of your Diary.      Select the date of the seizure.


The time of the seizure.


Manual Seizure Review.png Save Manual Seizure.png

Add other relevant information and click on ‘Save’. Providing supplementary details can be highly beneficial when sharing information with your doctor.


The Manual Seizure will be saved and available in your diary and report to be reviewed or shared.

Manual Seizures are visible in the diary with a pink icon.





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