Deactivating Light & Vibration on Embrace - Research


Yes, you can deactivate the lights and vibration by turning off Light & Vibration. You’ll find the button by clicking on the Embrace icon on the top-right corner of the Mate App, and opening the My Embrace page.




Simply tap on the toggle next to Light and Vibration to turn it off or on.


This setting can be used to deactivate lights and vibration on the Embrace, and can be useful during the night to not disturb your sleep. When the setting is off, and Embrace disconnects from the Mate App, the red LED “X” and vibration will not be triggered to let you know about the disconnection. It also won’t be possible to request the time. In addition, if the Embrace memory fills up or it has a low battery, the respective LED lights will not show up to notify you.

Note: Once Embrace is connected to the charger, the Light & Vibration setting will automatically turn on.

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