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Embrace disconnections - Research

Embrace needs to be connected via Bluetooth to a paired smartphone in order to allow data to be transferred from the watch to the phone. The Embrace can store up to 14 hours of data in its memory, after which it will stop recording. Please do not forget to connect your device to the phone, in order  to avoid an interruption in the data collection.


There are the three main reasons for disconnections:

  • Your Embrace is out of range from your paired phone.
  • Some interference is obstructing the Bluetooth connection.
  • Embrace is connected via Bluetooth to more than one phone.


Embrace out of range

If the distance between Embrace and the paired smartphone is more than 30ft/10m, the Bluetooth connection will be lost. Moving the smartphone and the Embrace closer together will solve the issue, they will automatically reconnect. This distance may be lower depending on the type of obstacles between Embrace and the phone, and the amount of radio interference (e.g. other bluetooth devices and WiFi).


Bluetooth interference

Large obstacles and anything that transmits radio signals can obstruct the bluetooth signal. For example, walls, large furniture thick pillows, and even your own body can lead to disconnections. In general, try to keep the smartphone as close to Embrace as possible and within a direct line of sight.


Embrace is connected via bluetooth to more than one phone

Embrace should only be paired with one phone at a time. It’s possible that after disconnecting Embrace from the Mate App, it still remains in the bluetooth settings of the phone. Please make sure to check the Bluetooth settings of any other phones you’ve previously paired Embrace with.

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