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Mate App Statuses - Research

The Mate App is configured to notify you in the app if there is anything wrong with the communication between the paired smartphone and the Embrace watch. Understanding the status of the Embrace watch and the Mate App can easily be checked by launching the app. A banner will appear in the main screen to tell you the current status.

Moreover, checking the Embrace icon at the top right of the screen will give you an indication of the present status. Here you’ll find a guide of what the different colored badges represent and what you subsequently need to do.


Embrace_connected.jpgEmbrace is connected

  • This is the ideal status. It means Embrace is connected correctly to its paired smartphone. No further action is needed if the green badge is fixed.

  • If the badge is blinking, data from the Embrace watch is being uploaded to the Mate App. Data can also be flowing from the Mate App to Empatica’s servers for processing.

    • Data transfer from Embrace to the Mate App is automatic when you have both the Embrace and the smartphone connected via Bluetooth, and the Mate App is open.

    • Data upload from the app to Empatica’s servers is automatic when you have a stable internet connection, and the app is open.

    • You can check how much data is still stored in the app by going to the My Embrace page and checking Data Stored in App.


Embrace_disconnected.jpgEmbrace is disconnected

  • This means that the paired Embrace is not connected to the Mate App.
  • Please make sure to enable the Bluetooth connection on your paired smartphone and wait a few seconds. Move the Embrace and smartphone closer together and they will automatically reconnect.
  • It could be possible that Embrace is no longer paired with the Mate App. In this case, you can manually restore the pairing by going to My Embrace page > Troubleshooting > Restore Pairing
  • A banner will also appear in the main screen to specify the reason for disconnection.


Embrace_memory_full.jpgMemory full

  • The memory of your Embrace watch is full and the data stored needs to be downloaded to the paired phone.

  • Please make sure to activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone and keep Embrace close. The memory will clear as data is wirelessly transferred to the phone.

  • The orange badge will start blinking when the data is being transferred. Please note that it can take up to 2 hours to transfer all the data from your Embrace watch to your smartphone.


Embrace_update.jpgEmbrace update is available

Whenever a new firmware version is available for your Embrace watch, you will receive a notification through the Mate App. You can upgrade firmware by tapping on the notification and following the instructions.

You can also upgrade the firmware by going to Mate App > My Embrace Page > Embrace Updates

  1. If no update is available, you will see Up to date.
  2. If new firmware is available, tap Update Now.
  3. Tap on the firmware version displayed on the next screen.
  4. In the next pop-up, tap Yes, upgrade!

If you are encountering problems while trying to update the firmware, please take a look at this article: Difficulty upgrading Embrace firmware - Research


Embrace Battery

The Embrace2 battery lasts for 48+ hours and takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to charge. When Embrace and your phone are connected, you can see the current status of the Embrace battery in the Mate App.

Full: 48+ hours

High: 36 to 24 hours

Medium: 24 to 12 hours

Low: 12 to 2 hours

Charge now: 2 hours - Off

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