How does Embrace work?


Embrace works by using Bluetooth and internet to alert caregivers when it detects a possible tonic-clonic seizure.  Aside from monitoring for possible tonic-clonic seizures, Bluetooth and Internet are also necessary to track your rest and physical activity in the Mate App.


Embrace requires the following components to work:


Throughout the day, Embrace uses its sensors to log a range of data about your physical and physiological activity. This includes the number of steps you take, distance covered, intensity of your movement, and fluctuations in electrodermal activity and skin temperature. It can also detect periods of rest, turns and tosses, and interruptions in sleep. 


It automatically transmits this data to the Alert App on its paired smartphone using Bluetooth. This is why the paired smartphone must always stay close to Embrace (within 30 feet/10 meters) and within a clear range of sight (no obstructions such as walls, doors, etc.). From the Alert App, the data goes to our servers for processing. Once it’s processed, it goes to your Mate App so you can view the important statistics of your day.  


For seizure monitoring and alerting, Embrace uses an algorithm to look for motions and physiological activity that indicates a possible tonic-clonic seizure. Alerts (SMS and phone calls) are sent to caregivers from the Alert App through internet. 


Remember: Both Bluetooth and internet connection are necessary for the Alert notifications to be sent when Embrace detects a possible tonic-clonic seizure. 


What happens when there is a Bluetooth disconnection?

Embrace communicates with your paired phone using Bluetooth. So when there isn’t a Bluetooth connection, Embrace can’t tell your phone to call your caregivers when it detects a possible seizure. 


However, it can still log data about your movement and rest. Only that it will be stored on its internal memory, instead of going to the Alert App. It can hold up to 14 hours on its internal  memory. 


Beyond this, it won’t be able to record any more rest or physical activity.  Then, as soon as the Bluetooth connection is restored, the data will start to offload onto the Alert App, freeing up the memory on Embrace.


What happens if the smartphone isn't connected to the internet?

Most importantly, the Alert App won’t be able to send alert SMS and calls to your caregivers. 


 Secondly, the data stored on the Alert App won’t be able to travel to our servers for processing. Instead, it will remain in the Alert App until the internet connection is restored.

 Remember that airplane mode disables internet connection and Bluetooth.


If you're curious about how Embrace's seizure monitoring algorithm works to identify possible tonic-clonic seizures, we recommend reading: Embrace's seizure monitoring system.





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