Why does my Embrace keep disconnecting?


Embrace needs to be connected to a dedicated smartphone via Bluetooth. When the Bluetooth connection is obstructed, Embrace will disconnect.

There might be a few different causes for this issue:

  • Your Embrace is out of range from your paired phone
  • Some interferences are obstructing Bluetooth connection.

Here are the most common reasons for a Bluetooth disconnection:

Embrace out of range

Too much distance between the Embrace and your smartphone can cause dropped connections. The maximum range for Embrace is 30 feet/10 meters.To recover from this situation, try moving closer to your Embrace and reconnection should be automatic. In the screenshot you can see the notifications sent by the Alert app: at 7:46 AM, the user had left their room, where the phone was resting, that same minute they walked back in and automatically reconnected.

Some users might find it tricky to keep the Embrace watch within the bluetooth range of the paired smartphone, especially if Embrace user is a young kid. In this case we suggest using a running belt to keep the smartphone, to make sure that the two devices are always in range.

Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth is essentially a series of radio waves. These radio waves send information back and forth buzzing invisibly through the air. They do this very well in a clear range of sight, but can be zapped by obstructions. So what are these obstructions? Well, walls for one being the most obvious. However there are other more discrete obstructions as well. For example, crossing your arms so that the Embrace is covered by your other arm might cause Bluetooth to disconnect. In addition, it’s also possible that sleeping with your arm underneath your head or pillow could interfere with the signal.

Bluetooth connection can be a bit tricky, like any wireless technology. Once you know how it works it becomes easier to understand what you need to do in the case of a disconnection. Also, if Embrace detects a seizure while disconnected and reconnects within 1 minute, the alert will still be sent.

Alert installed on more than one Smartphone

The Alert app should only be downloaded to one smartphone at a time. Having the app on two different phones, especially when the phones are within the same area could lead to frequent disconnections. We therefore recommend that you keep Embrace paired with one dedicated phone and only pair with a different one if you decide to change the original phone.


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