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How does Embrace work?

Due to FDA regulations, Embrace2 cannot be transferred, sold, or donated to another individual. Additionally, Embrace2 is an FDA-cleared device in the US, and therefore, users are required to submit a valid prescription prior to the shipment in order to receive the order. As such, Embrace cannot be used without a valid prescription correctly uploaded in our systems.
We strongly advise against the purchase of second-hand Embrace devices. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee the usability or the current status of any devices obtained through unofficial channels. Note that if you choose to purchase an Embrace from sources other than our official Online Store/vendor (Epilepsy Alarms UK), we are unable to provide any assistance or technical support pertaining to the functionality of the device.


Embrace is designed to detect possible tonic-clonic seizures lasting longer than 20 seconds and to alert caregivers via SMS and phone calls. Please note that Embrace will not be able to prevent and predict seizures.


In addition to the seizure monitoring functionality, it also records your physical activities (running, walking, and sport) and rest statistics such as sleep duration, interruptions, and turns and tosses. This data is available through the Mate App, which is a free application for Embrace users.


The Mate App works with the Alert App to visualize Embrace data, enabling you to view your daily statistics at a glance. It can be downloaded on the user’s and the caregivers' devices.


In order for Embrace and the alerting system to work properly, please make sure you have the following components:


The Alert App pairs up with Embrace and sends your chosen caregivers an automated SMS and phone call when Embrace detects a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. It should be downloaded on the user’s dedicated device only.


Embrace automatically transmits the recorded data to the Alert App on its paired smartphone using Bluetooth. For this reason, the paired smartphone must always stay close to Embrace (within 30 feet/10 meters) and be within a clear range of sight (no obstructions such as walls, doors, etc.). From the Alert App, the data then goes to our servers for processing via the internet. Once it is processed, it goes to your Mate App so you can view the important statistics of your day.  


For seizure monitoring and alerting, Embrace uses an algorithm to look for motions and physiological activities that indicate a possible tonic-clonic seizure. In case of a possible seizure event, Alert calls and SMS will then be sent to caregivers from the Alert App through the internet. 


Remember: both Bluetooth and internet connection are necessary for the Alert notifications to be sent when Embrace detects a possible tonic-clonic seizure. Activating the airplane mode of your phone will disable the internet connection and Bluetooth.


What happens when there is a Bluetooth disconnection?

Embrace communicates with your paired phone using Bluetooth. When there isn’t a Bluetooth connection, Embrace will not be able to connect to your phone to call your caregivers and send them an SMS when it detects a possible seizure. 


However, the device can still log data about your movement and rest. These data will be stored in its internal memory instead of going to the Alert App immediately and will transfer only when the Bluetooth connection is restored. As soon as this happens, the data will start to offload onto the Alert App, freeing up the memory of the Embrace.


Please be aware that the memory of the Embrace can hold up to 14 hours only. Beyond this, it will not be able to record any more rest or physical activity.


What happens if the smartphone is not connected to the internet?

Please be aware that, without the internet, the data stored on the Alert App will not be able to travel to our servers. This means that if Embrace detects a possible seizure event when there is no internet connection, alert calls and SMS will not be sent out to the caregivers as our servers will not be able to receive that particular event from the Alert App.


However, once the internet connection is restored, the data will then be released automatically to our servers.


 If you are curious about how Embrace's seizure monitoring algorithm works to identify possible tonic-clonic seizures, we invite you to read this article: Embrace's seizure monitoring system.


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