Protecting your privacy


We take personal data security very seriously. We are in full compliance with GDPR and have extended its security benefits to all of our customers worldwide.

How we use your data

We’ll use your personal data for the sole purpose of providing our services, and to contact you about updates that could compromise the service if no action is taken.

You have the right to choose if you’d like to receive other updates, such as blog posts, special offers, and our latest research advancements.

We have recently updated our Privacy Policy so you can easily understand exactly what personal information we collect and how it will be used.

How you can manage your data

You can always review and update your information and how we use it at any time. If you’d like to be removed from our database, you can request a permanent removal of your account and personal information.  You can also ask us to export and send you your personal information. You can send these requests to

Additional protection for minors

We firmly believe that minors should be specially protected from the collection of personal data. We’ve implemented an additional security measure for them which maintains that parental consent is provided for any Embrace user under the age of 16.  


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