Pairing Embrace with a different account


You can pair Embrace with only one phone and one Alert App account at a time. If you'd like to pair Embrace with a different Alert App account, you need to unpair (disconnect) Embrace from the previous Alert App account first.


Follow the steps below to disconnect Embrace from the previous Alert App account (Alert App A) and pair with a new one (Alert App B):

  1. Sign in to the Alert App with Alert App account A.
  2. Open Alert App>More>Embrace Settings>Remove Embrace & Logout.
  3. In the smartphone open Settings>Bluetooth>Embrace>Forget device/Unpair.
  4. Login with the Alert App account B.
  5. Follow the in-app instructions to pair Embrace.


If you cannot access the Alert App Embrace was originally paired with, please contact us at




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