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Transferring data from the Alert App

Normally, data travels from your Embrace to the Alert App, to our cloud for processing, and then to the Mate App.

The data stored in the Alert App won’t be sent to our cloud server if your phone isn’t connected to the Internet. You can check the data pending to be sent by opening the Alert App, and going to More>Embrace Settings> Data Stored in App.

If Data Stored in App  says Nothing to upload,  then there isn’t any data to be sent from your smartphone. This is the ideal case.

If there's a number next to  Data Stored in App, it means  there's data that needs to be synced.  The data will upload on its own so long as you are connected to the Internet (via cellular data or WiFi).  



If Internet connection is active, but you’re still not able to upload data, force close the app and relaunch it again.

For iOS devices: How to force an app to close

For Android devices: How to force stop an app

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