Transferring data from the Alert App


The data stored in the app on your smartphone won’t be uploaded if your phone isn’t connected to the Internet. You can check the data pending to be sent from your Alert app to the cloud by going to Alert app>>More>>Embrace Settings>> Data Stored in App.

If Data Stored in App Data Stored in App says "Nothing to upload " it means there is no data to be sent from your smartphone.

If there's a number along “Data Stored in App” - it means  there's data to be synced, so make sure to upload them, the process is automatic,  just activate Internet connection on your smartphone (cellular data or WiFi connection - the latter is necessary if you've activated the option to upload data using Wi-Fi only.)


If the internet connection is active, but you’re still not able to upload data, force the app to close and reopen it again.

For iOS devices: How to force an app to close

For Android devices: How to force stop an app

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