Insurance reimbursement for Embrace


Getting Embrace reimbursed by insurance depends on your specific plan and coverage level.  

Asking your doctor to fill out this form may improve your chances of a reimbursement:

Embrace2 Predetermination template


If your doctor would like more information about Embrace, you can direct them to the dedicated page that we've created for doctors on our website, providing them with all of the necessary information they need to know.


In addition, your doctor may be interested in the below articles:


We suggest contacting your insurance agent directly for any questions regarding insurance coverage of the subscription plan.

If you submit a request to get your Embrace or the subscription plan costs reimbursed, please let us know about the outcome so that with this knowledge, we can help the Embrace community.


FSA Cards (Flexible Savings Account)

We accept payment by FSA card (Flexible Savings Account).  Your benefits administrator may ask you for an official invoice to validate that the purchase of Embrace was an eligible expense. It’s possible that they might also ask for the prescription from your doctor. You can simply email us to request these at


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