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Cancelling your Embrace order

Due to FDA regulations, Embrace2 cannot be transferred, sold, or donated to another individual. Additionally, Embrace2 is an FDA-cleared device in the US, and therefore, users are required to submit a valid prescription prior to the shipment in order to receive the order. As such, Embrace cannot be used without a valid prescription correctly uploaded in our systems.
We strongly advise against the purchase of second-hand Embrace devices. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee the usability or the current status of any devices obtained through unofficial channels. Note that if you choose to purchase an Embrace from sources other than our official Online Store/vendor (Epilepsy Alarms UK), we are unable to provide any assistance or technical support pertaining to the functionality of the device.

Please, be aware that you will only be able to cancel your order if its status is Not Scheduled when we receive and process your request. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to cancel orders which have been processed already.


To cancel your order, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Empatica Account.
  2. Go to the Orders section.

If the status is listed as Not Scheduled fill in our contact form or email and we will proceed with the cancellation and refund. 



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