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How do I update the firmware of my Embrace?

To get the best performance from your  Embrace, always make sure to update the firmware whenever a new version is available. The firmware houses  new features and improvements to the functionality of your watch. 


Before updating the firmware, make sure that:

  • Embrace is placed in the charger
  • Embrace has at least 30% memory* 
  • Embrace is placed next to its paired smartphone
  • The paired smartphone is connected to internet
  • The Alert App is open in the foreground


To automatically update the firmware

You’ll receive a notification through the Alert App whenever a new version of the firmware is available.  Tap on this notification to start the update. 


To manually upgrade the firmware

1. Open the Alert App>>More>>Embrace Settings>>Embrace Updates.

2. If new firmware is available, tap Update Now (If no update is available, you will see Up to date).

3. Tap on the firmware version displayed on the next screen.

4. In the next pop-up, tap Yes, upgrade!

5. The update should take around 5 to 10 minutes.


If you run into any issues along the way, please email us at


*To check the memory go to Alert app>>More>>Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Embrace Memory.




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