How do I update the Alert App version?


Each release of the app includes important bug fixes that you have reported to us. Also, through your feedback we constantly improve and add new features to the app. Each new version of the Alert app is optimized to work best with the latest firmware version. This means that you also need to have the latest firmware version at all times. Also, if you experience any issues with the Alert app, you may need to check the that the version of the Alert app that you have installed is the latest one.

To check which version of the Alert app you're currently using:

  • Go to the More tab in your Alert App
  • Look at the bottom of the screen where the number is displayed

To check which one is the latest release of the Alert App:

    • Go to the App Store (for iOS devices) or Play Store (for Android devices)
    • Type ‘Alert Empatica’ and select the app; or use this link
    • For iOS devices tap the Alert App logo at the right top corner to access Details of the app; scroll down and check ‘Version’ in the Information section
    • For Android devices tap READ MORE and scroll down to the specifications of the app
    • You will see the number indicating the latest version of the Alert app
    • You will receive a notification each time there is a new version of the Alert app available. Tap 'install' and the app will be updated automatically.

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