Upgrading Embrace firmware


The firmware is the brain of the Embrace, it enables the hardware and software to work together.

Whenever a new firmware version is available for your Embrace watch, you will receive a notification through the Alert App. You can upgrade firmware by tapping on the notification and following the instructions.


You can also upgrade the firmware by going to Alert App>>More>>Embrace Settings>>Embrace Updates

  1. If new firmware is available, tap Update Now.
  2. Tap on the firmware version displayed on the next screen.
  3. In the next pop-up, tap “Yes, upgrade!”

If no update is available, you will see Up to date along the Firmware section of the Alert App.


When upgrading Embrace firmware make sure that:

  • Embrace is placed on the charger
  • The memory level is at least 30%
  • Embrace is placed next to its paired smartphone
  • The paired smartphone is connected to Internet (via mobile data plan or WiFi)
  • The Alert App is open in the foreground


The upgrade will take up to 5 to 10 minutes

If you are encountering problems while trying to update the firmware, please take a look at this article:  firmware update troubleshooting tips.

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