Can Embrace be shipped to my country?


Embrace can work in any country, with the exception of a few (see the full list below*).

Please note that taxes and duties won't be calculated or charged directly at the checkout page when you place your order on our Online Store. We are shipping our orders under the incoterms DDU (delivery duties unpaid). Depending on your country's policy you may be asked to pay the courier taxes, duties and brokerage fees, necessary for importing, at the time of delivery.

Another point to note is that the Embrace is functional as long as it is paired with the Alert app (For more info: What does the Alert app do?) In some countries, as per the law and regulations, Play Store/App Store may be unavailable. Before purchasing Embrace, please verify if you are able to download both the Alert and Mate apps. The apps are only available for download on phones/devices that have the Play Store/App Store pre-installed.

*Embrace Alert system is currently not available in the following countries: North Korea (DPRK), Colombia, Indonesia, Malta, Macao, Ukraine, Ecuador, Peru, Cyprus, Kuwait, Honduras, Guatemala, Mozambique and Iran.

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