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Rest Mode

Rest Mode activates a more sensitive version of the Embrace algorithm that monitors for patterns that may be associated with convulsive seizures. Since the algorithm is more sensitive to repetitive movements, there’s a possibility of increased false alarms. We advise the use of Rest Mode in non-active settings. For example, Rest Mode is perfect for when you are sleeping, reading a book or watching TV.

In the United States, Rest Mode has been cleared by the FDA, so it's included as the default mode for Embrace2.  You can turn Rest Mode off to use the version of the algorithm that is less sensitive. This can prevent false alarms in active situations, such as exercise. Please keep in mind that when you switch off Rest Mode, you are no longer using the FDA-cleared algorithm.


For the rest of the world and users of the original Embrace, Rest Mode is available as part of the Standard and Plus subscription plan.




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