‘No internet connection’ Care App notification


It is possible that the Care App is unable to correctly access the Internet. On the Care App, the status ‘Care needs your attention’ with a yellow background will be shown. Upon tapping the Status Card, the status ‘No connection’ will be displayed.


This status can be caused by several reasons. Follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  1. Verify that the companion device has an active internet connection (WiFi or Cellular).
  2. Verify that the network to which the companion device is connected to does not have any particular configuration that would block the connection.
  3. BYOD
    1. Force close the Care App and reopen it.
    2. Check if the Care App is allowed to access the internet connection. Steps to allow internet access to the Care App might be different for each companion device. This is the general path: 

android Go to Settings > App Settings > Care > Permissions > Internet

ios Go to Settings > Care > Cellular Data

  1. Try to switch the connection (from WiFi to Cellular or vice versa).
  2. Reinstall the Care App.
  1. provisioned
    1. Reboot the companion device. 
    2. If the reboot doesn’t help, reach out to the companion device provider who manages the device provisioning in order to have the settings remotely checked and to perform additional troubleshooting on the companion device’s configuration. 

If the issue persists even after the steps above, fill the form at this link to provide all the information needed to the Empatica Support Team. The team will then reach out directly to assist you further.