Care App pairing issues


The Care App will ask to pair EmbracePlus right after a successful login. The pairing may not succeed in three possible ways:

  1. EmbracePlus can’t be found.
  2. EmbracePlus bonding is not successful.
  3. The companion device is disconnected from the Internet.


To resolve the issue, make sure these requirements are met:

  • The companion device is compatible and is running the minimal software required (android 9.0 or ios 13.4 with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher).
  • Bluetooth is enabled and allowed for the Care App.
  • android byod Location services are enabled and allowed for the Care App.  (The location services are mandatory by the Operating System to enable Bluetooth scanning. The Care App will not access, share, or store any location information for any of its features.
  • EmbracePlus is not currently paired with any other smartphone. You can confirm this by checking that the Empatica heart icon is not visible at the 12 o’clock position on the EmbracePlus display. 
  • EmbracePlus is turned ON and discoverable. Press the upper button on the right-hand side of EmbracePlus to confirm it has a charge.
  • Check that the companion device is connected to the internet.
  • Make sure to pair EmbracePlus from the Care App and not from the Bluetooth settings of the companion device. 


If the pairing cannot be completed even after the above has been verified, try the following steps:

  1. Place EmbracePlus on the cable charger. You will see the battery percentage and a battery icon appear on the display.
  2. Close the Care App:
    • byod Force close the Care App and open it again after ~5 seconds. 
    • provisioned Reboot the companion device and open the Care App.  
  3. Retry the pairing process.
  4. byod Reset the phone settings and retry the pairing process:
    • android Clear the Bluetooth cache. Check the smartphone’s user manual to verify the procedure. 
    • ios Reset Network Settings


This will delete all the saved WiFi networks and previously paired Bluetooth devices. The WiFi networks need to be rejoined and any other Bluetooth device to be paired again.


If the issue persists, fill the form at this link to provide all the information needed to the Empatica Support Team. The team will then reach out directly to assist you further.