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‘Phone is not supported’ message on the Care App

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.


Due to the high-resolution data that EmbracePlus is recording, the Care App requires a companion device equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 in order to correctly handle the amount of data to be synced. 


Right after the login, the Care App will perform a check to verify if  the companion device has the right specs to handle the connection with EmbracePlus. If the companion device is not compatible, a pop-up message will appear saying:

‘Phone is not supported. EmbracePlus requires Bluetooth® 5.0 to connect, which is not supported by this device. Please contact the administrator’.


To verify the companion device’s compatibility, please visit this page: EmbracePlus Smartphone Compatibility


If the companion device is listed as compatible, but the Care App continues to notify you that the companion device is not supported, make sure that the following requirements are met: 

  • The Bluetooth is turned ON.
  • BYOD The Care App has access to Bluetooth. 

Steps to allow Bluetooth access to the Care App might be different for each companion device. This is the general path: 

  • android Settings > App Settings > Care > Permissions > Bluetooth
  • ios Settings > Care > Bluetooth

Then, close and reopen the Care App or reboot the companion device and retry the pairing process.

If the issue persists, fill the form by clicking on Submit a request at the bottom of this page or by going to this link. Please provide all the information needed to the Empatica Support Team and we will then reach out directly to assist you further.

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