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EmbracePlus not charging

When EmbracePlus is placed in the cable charger, the display will turn dark and show the battery percentage and a battery icon to confirm the device is charging. You will feel a slight pull as EmbracePlus snaps into place with the cable charger.



If the battery charging status is not shown on the EmbracePlus display, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the EmbracePlus display and side buttons (facing outwards) are visible while you slide EmbracePlus into the cable charger.
  2. Make sure that you use the cable charger included in the EmbracePlus package, and plug it into a standard 5V USB power source.
  3. Try a different EmbracePlus cable charger (if available).
  4. Try plugging the charger to a different power outlet or USB power source.
  5. Make sure there is no dust on the cable charger, close to the pins. If there is any dust, disconnect the charger from the power source and  clean it carefully with a dry cloth.

Inspect the EmbracePlus cable charger for physical damage.  If there is any damage, disconnect the cable charger from the power source.


If the issue persists, fill the form by clicking on Submit a request at the bottom of this page or by going to this link. Please provide all the information needed to the Empatica Support Team and we will then reach out directly to assist you further.

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