Why does Mate show "No data recorded"?


No data recorded is meant to appear on days where Embrace wasn't worn. 

 If you receive this message on a day in which you're certain you wore Embrace,  please check the following:


  1. Make sure the memory on Embrace isn't full. To check this go to the Alert App > More > Embrace Settings > Embrace Memory. To free up your Embrace memory, check: Yellow Cross / Memory Full


  1. Make sure there is no data to be uploaded from your smartphone to the cloud. You can check this by going to the Alert App > More > Embrace Settings > Data Stored in App. To free up space in the Alert App, just make sure the phone is connected to internet and the data should transfer automatically. If nothing is transferred after 20 minutes, toggle off and on Upload using Wi-Fi only.


If all of the above are fine, we recommend killing both the Alert and Mate App and relaunching. This will give them a reset and should enable the transfer of data. 


Please note that when viewing your data for the first time, it can take up to 30  minutes to one hour for the data from your Embrace to sync up with the Mate App.

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