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Type of seizures Embrace is designed to alert for

Embrace is optimized to detect movement patterns and autonomic arousal lasting at least 20 seconds. These characteristics are generally associated with convulsive or tonic-clonic seizures.


At the moment, Embrace is not designed to alert for other types of seizures, such as complex partial, absence, or other non-convulsive seizure types, as they usually do not generate any convulsive movement while the movement signature of convulsions takes precedence in our algorithm.


This page could help you understand the different kinds of seizures.


In any case, we highly encourage you to consult your doctor to determine if Embrace is a good fit for you. For a list of topics that you might want to discuss with them, please check out this article: Consulting your doctor about Embrace.


Seizure Detection Algorithm default sensitivity (Rest Mode)

The default sensitivity for Embrace’s seizure detection algorithm is also called Rest Mode.

Rest Mode is the FDA-cleared Embrace algorithm that monitors for patterns that may be associated with convulsive seizures during rest periods, which include activities such as sleeping, reading a book, or watching TV.

This algorithm is sensitive to repetitive movements, so there’s a possibility of false alarms when performing activities involving repetitive movements.

Non-US users, depending on their subscription plan, may be able to choose between Rest Mode and Non-Rest Mode. Non-Rest Mode is a less sensitive version of the algorithm, which may help to reduce false alarms in active situations, such as exercise.

Important to know

  • Embrace cannot predict or prevent seizures.

  • We cannot guarantee that Embrace will detect every single seizure. It is not meant to substitute your current seizure monitoring practices, but rather to serve as a supplement in expediting first-response time. It is important not to alter or reduce seizure management practices when using Embrace.

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