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Mate Seizure Diary

Keeping track of your seizures with Mate

Mate aims to help you better understand how seizures interact with your daily activities and rest patterns. It might be that your seizures are triggered by disturbed sleep, or generally tend to occur during a certain part of the day or night.

Research has shown that, when recording seizures themselves, patients failed to document 55.5% of all recorded seizures [1]. FDA-cleared devices like Embrace have very high sensitivity, ensuring they automatically detect and log possible generalized tonic-clonic seizures, including nocturnal activity, with accuracy [2].




Possible seizures detected by Embrace are automatically reflected in the Mate app. You can also manually log seizures that Embrace doesn’t detect, such as absence or partial seizures. You can add the start time, duration, and any relevant notes to the seizures.


The horizontal timeline on the top is a visual representation of your rest and physical activity for the day, along with the seizures. Viewing them side by side with your usual activities can give you more context around your seizures. Sharing an accurate and up-to-date record of your seizures could be useful for your doctor.


You can manually add seizures to your Mate diary by tapping the + at the bottom of the screen.


Your Stats and Timeline

Your stats show you the total amount of tonic-clonic seizures detected by Embrace and those you have manually added.

Below you’ll find a chronological list of the seizures for that day, along with the precise time they occurred. If you previously added the duration or any notes, you’ll be able to see them here as well, or you can add them by tapping on the specific seizure.


Note: A subscription is required for Mate to show automatically detected general tonic-clonic seizures. Otherwise, logging seizures can only be done manually.  


[1] Research has shown that, when recording seizures themselves, patients failed to document 55.5% of all recorded seizures. Read More

[2] FDA 510(K) (K172935) Summary Empatica Embrace physiological signal based seizure monitoring system, 2017. Read More


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