Pairing Embrace with a different smartphone


To change the phone Embrace is paired with you'll have to unpair it from the smartphone it is current paired with, and then pair it with the new phone. To do this:

  1. Delete the Alert App from the old phone.
  2. Forget (unpair) Embrace from the Bluetooth settings of the old phone (iOS devices, Android devices).
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth on the old phone.
  4. Download the Alert App on the new smartphone.
  5. Sign in with the same email address and password.
  6. Pair your Embrace with the new smartphone by going to the More tab > Embrace Settings > Restore pairing.

Please keep in mind that Embrace must be paired with only one phone at a time. Don’t forget to check the Bluetooth settings of your old phone to make sure it’s no longer listed as a device.  If it is, please repeat step 2.

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