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How To Purchase EpiMonitor

Thank you for your interest in EpiMonitor!

If you are an Embrace2 user, you can trade in your device and enjoy a dedicated discount on your EpiMonitor purchase. To find out more information, please visit here.

Purchasing an EpiMonitor is easy. To do so, please follow these simple steps below:


Do you have a compatible phone to use EpiMonitor?
To check the smartphone requirements, please refer to this article: Phone compatibility for EpiMonitor.

  1. Go to our Online Store.
  2. Select the EmbracePlus wearable and the subscription plan of your choice then tap on ‘Confirm and Pay’.
    E-commerce-How to purchase EpiMonitor_.png

  3. A new window will pop up with your order details. Check the items and, if everything is correct, fill in all the required shipping information and payment details, and click on ‘Place order’.
    At the moment, we accept the following payment methods:
    • credit/ debit cards
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • US bank accounts
    • FSA (Flexible Savings Accounts)/HSA (Health Savings Account)

      (EpiMonitor may be eligible for reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan. Please refer to the this article for further information: Insurance reimbursement for EpiMonitor.)


  4. Your order will now be submitted. Do not close this window or click the back button and wait until you see the order confirmation page.

  5. If your order goes through successfully, you will now land on this order confirmation page.
    You can click on ‘Create an account’ to complete your EpiMonitor account creation and upload your prescription.



    If you do not have time to complete the account creation now, you can check your inbox later for the order confirmation email. Inside, you will find the account creation link. If you don’t find the email, please check your spam folder as well.


  6. After you have created your account and uploaded your prescription, our Prescription Team will review your prescription to see if it meets all requirements. Once it is approved, your order will then be placed in the next shipping batch. You will receive the tracking link in your inbox once it is handed over to the courier.

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