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Participant Management in the Care Portal

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.

The availability of Care Portal access on enterprise is defined by the study configuration. For further information on your study configuration, talk to your Study team or account manager.


The Participant Management section of the Care Portal not only allows you to perform some actions such as adding participants, resetting the login credentials, and ending participant monitoring (see section, Actions), but it also provides a convenient and comprehensive overview of your Site’s participants.

This article is intended to focus on the Participant list page of the Participant Management section of the Care Portal, allowing you to oversee the participants within a site. At a glance, you can easily understand the following:

  • Total number of participants you have on the Site
  • Participant’s current status in the study
  • Average wearing detection in the last 7 days
  • Up-to-date understanding of the participant’s last data sync



Participant list page

Before checking the list view of Participants, make sure that you have selected the correct Study and Site. Each column of the view can then be sorted from the lowest to the highest value and vice-versa by clicking on the up or down arrows.

  1. Participant Full ID - The unique Participant ID that was created within the Site. The full ID is composed of OrganizationID-Study ID-Site ID-Participant ID.
    Participant Full ID.png
    Providing the Participant Full ID to the Support Team is helpful should you have any queries related to the participant.
  2. Status - The Participant IDs are labeled with the status that the participant is currently in within the Study. Making use of the status can be helpful to filter out which participants haven’t started recording data, which ones are recording at present, and which ones have ended the monitoring.
    1. WAITING - Login credentials have successfully been created for this Participant, but have not yet been used to log into the Care App.
    2. MONITORING - The Participant has successfully logged into the Care App, and is currently being monitored.
    3. PAUSED - The participant has logged out of the Care App. The participant can log back in or be terminated.
    4. EARLY TERM - The Participant in the study has been terminated before the scheduled completion.
    5. FULL TERM - The Participant has completed the study as scheduled.
  3. Data sync - Timestamp of when the participant last uploaded data from the Care App to the Empatica Cloud.
    This information can be helpful in understanding if and when the participant is collecting data and transmitting it correctly. It’s important to note that this timestamp does not indicate the data sync from the local memory of EmbracePlus to the phone. The participant may still have data stored within the local memory of EmbracePlus, which can be synced (via Bluetooth) and uploaded (via an internet connection) later to the Empatica Cloud.
    1. Never synced - The participant has not uploaded any data to the Cloud because they have not logged into the Care App yet (WAITING status). The ‘Monitoring Period’ will also show Not started.
    2. Last sync - The last time the participant’s phone was connected to an internet connection and successfully uploaded data to the Empatica Cloud.
    3. Fully synced - The participant has logged out of the Care App and has synced all data. The data includes data from EmbracePlus to the Care App (synced via Bluetooth), and from the app to the Empatica Cloud (uploaded via internet). Since all the data has been successfully synced, check that the participant is supposed to end data collection, and you can decide to end the participant monitoring.
    4. Pending sync - The participant has logged out of the Care App but hasn’t synced all of the data. Note that if the full sync or offboarding flow hasn’t been performed, EmbracePlus will continue to record data until the internal memory is full. The participant can log back in at any time to continue the sync until Fully synced is achieved.
      Participants will not be able to log back into the Care App once the participant status has been changed to EARLY TERM or FULL TERM. It is therefore essential to have a Fully synced status before ending the monitoring of a participant.
  4. Monitoring Period
    1. Not started - The Participant has not started the monitoring period yet and is in WAITING status.
    2. Start date - The date when the Participant has correctly logged into the Care App for the first time. This is the same date when the Participant status changed to MONITORING.
    3. End date - The date when the Participant has ended the monitoring period in the Study. This is the same date when the Participant status was changed to EARLY TERM or FULL TERM.
  5. Last 7 days average time worn correctly - The average time EmbracePlus was worn correctly by the participant in the last 7 days, provided in hours and minutes. This information can readily provide you with how much time the participant is adhering to the study protocol or the overall monitoring requirements in the last week. Note that the provided time only includes when EmbracePlus was detected as worn correctly.
  6. Last 7 days wearing detection - This column offers a graphical overview of the participant’s wearing detection in the last 7 days. Each bar in the graph represents one day and visualizes the daily overall usage of EmbracePlus, including how much it was worn correctly. Each bar or day is represented by the following color legend:
    1. Worn correctly - EmbracePlus was detected to be worn correctly on the wrist.
    2. Not worn correctly - EmbracePlus was detected as not worn correctly on the wrist. This may include a timeframe when the device is worn too loose, or the device is off-wrist.
    3. No data recorded - EmbracePlus did not record any data. This may include a timeframe when EmbracePlus is out of battery, or when it is on the cable charger.

Individual articles are available if you are looking for actions that can be performed under the Management section of the Care portal. If you are a Site Manager, the following actions can be performed:

  1. How to add participants and generate login credentials
  2. End the monitoring of Participants
  3. How to reset the password of a Participant


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