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How can I view the raw data I’ve downloaded from the Research Portal?

Empatica offers .csv formatted data that can be imported into numerous applications for signal processing and visualization.


Exported data can be imported into 3rd party software such as MATLAB, Octave, FusionCharts, Python Notebooks, or MS Excel.


Please note that if you open a .csv file with MS Excel, your data will be truncated after the row number 1048576. This means that an eda.csv file of a recording longer than 72 hours, 50 mins will be truncated because the EDA sampling rate is 4 Hz. The same will happen with an acc.csv file of a recording longer than 9 hours and 7 minutes, because the accelerometer sampling rate is 32 Hz.


Other text editors instead, such as Sublime Text, don't have row limitations, allowing you to load your entire file for data inspection.


To handle smaller files, we suggest downloading data in small chunks, specifying the date range accordingly. If you request data export for a subject that has been recording data for 30 days, then you can get an acc.csv file containing about 50 millions of rows, and with a size of about 2Gb.

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