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Types of data available from the Research Portal

Raw Data

Empatica offers two types of raw data exports in simple CSV format: Sensors Data, which is recorded directly by the Embrace2 sensors, and Summary Data, which is the raw sensor data averages aggregated by minute. You can find more information about the .csv files here: Contents of downloaded data files

You can download the raw data directly from the Research Portal by clicking Export Data → Download Raw Data either from the Study Overview (to download raw data from all your Sites) or the Site Overview (to download raw data from a specific Site). You can select the date range for which you'd like to download the data. The maximum number of days for which you can download data is 31 days.


Each time range that you choose to download will be stored in one file per sensor, per subject. For this reason, we suggest that you download data more frequently, in shorter time intervals. You can read more about the exported data file size and limitations here


Raw Data - Archive Structure

The data will download into an archive with a 3-level hierarchy. It is divided into sites, enrolled subjects, and devices as shown in the examples below:


The left image shows an example of the folder structure for Sensors Data of an entire study (e.g. with identifier OGE), named here as Sensors_OGE_ALLSITES_20190102_20190104. On the right is an example of the folder structure for Summary Data for one site (e.g. with identifier 001) of the study, named here as Summary_OGE_001_20190102_20190104.



Seizure/Autonomic Arousal/Custom Event Reports

In addition to the Sensors and Summary Data, you can also download the subjects’ Seizure/Autonomic Arousal/Custom Events Report in .csv format. You can do so by clicking on Export Data → Download Report either from the Study Overview (to download from all your Sites) or the Site Overview (to download from a specific Site). The report available for download depends on specific goals of your study (seizures, autonomic arousal, or custom events).

Please note that the file will contain all the events experienced by all subjects for the whole duration of their enrollment. For more information on the contents of the file, please refer to: Contents of downloaded data files


Note: Embrace records data continuously. The recording is interrupted only when the device is charging. Thus, you will not see data in the .csv files corresponding to the time when the Embrace device is charging.

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