Empatica Research Portal FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions abou Empatica Research Portal here.

Can I use the Research Portal for non-epilepsy research?

The Research Portal was designed to support clinical research to further Empatica’s Prime Directive, to help improve and prolong the lives of people living with Epilepsy. There are several features that are specific to Seizure monitoring / logging...

How many studies can I add within one organization?

Currently there's no limitation as to how many Studies you can add. Only the Organization owner can add a new Study in the Empatica Research Portal. With the Empatica Research Portal you’re in complete control of who can access your project at eac...

How can I view the raw data I’ve downloaded from the Research Portal?

Empatica offers simple CSV formatted data that can be imported into numerous application for signal processing and visualization. Exported data can be visualized using 3rd party software such as MATLAB, FusionCharts, Python Notebooks, or MS Excel.

Can I access the data on the Research Portal programmatically using APIs?

At this time the research portal is only accessible through the graphical user interface. There are no accessible APIs but the product team would love to hear feedback on your priorities for scripting and automation.

How do I access reports and raw data from my Study/Site?

You can access raw data directly from the Research Portal by clicking the “Export Data” either from the Study (to download raw data from all your Sites) or the Site overview (to download raw data a specific Site).

How many research collaborators can I add to my study?

Currently there's no limitation as to how many Researchers you can add to your study. They can be invited with “Manager” or “Read-Only” permissions, depending on the Role you’d like to assign to them. Researchers can be added at the Org, Study, or...

Can I download data for a single subject from the Research Portal?

Downloads are limited to the Study or Site level at this time. You can select a range of dates from which data will be summarised but any subjects whose’ data was uploaded during the selected date-range will be included.

How should I run multiple subjects back-to-back in my lab study?

The Embrace was optimised for longer-term tracking of a research participant in the home environment. It’s possible to enroll multiple subjects back to back but make sure to leave time for the following steps between subjects: It’s good practice ...

Is there a way to tag/log events with the Embrace?

There is no method for logging events with the the Embrace watch. The Mate application can be used to add log entries using the same system clock but it is not directly tied into the data-stream of the Embrace.

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