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Subscriptions Receipts  

A receipt for your subscription is generated every month or year depending on your plan. You can view and print your receipts from the past 12 months directly from the Subscriptions Page of your Empatica account. For older receipts, please contact our Support Team. 


Where to find the receipts

  1. Go to your Empatica Account and click on View My Subscription Details.
  2. You will be redirected to your Subscriptions Page, which lists all the information related to your billing details, existing plans, and receipts.
  3. Under the Receipts tab, click on a date to view or print the receipt of that particular payment.


Understanding your receipts

Each receipt has a payment status indicating whether the transaction went through or not:

  1.    PAID: The transaction was successful.
  2.    NOT-PAID:  The transaction wasn’t successful. A payment decline could be due to incorrect card details, insufficient funds/credit, or an expired/blocked card.

To avoid an interruption of service, we recommend using a different credit card. Within 24 hours, another payment attempt will be made.

For more information on  failed transactions, we recommend contacting your bank.

The below image shows the payment status indicated on the receipt:







Changing your Subscription Plan

The following image shows you the format of receipt when you change from one plan to another. In this particular example, the subscription plan has been upgraded from Standard plan to Plus plan. The receipt generated is for the amount that is to be paid after changing the plan.




Excess credit: When you downgrade your plan, there will be excess credit in your account which will   be used towards your next payment.



Negative balance: If you choose to upgrade your subscription plan, you will be billed for the difference of the two plans.  




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