Subscription payment rejected


If there is a problem with the payment of your subscription plan, we will notify you via email.

In case of a failed payment your subscription service will not be interrupted immediately. We will make 3 attempts to bill your card. At each attempt we’ll send you an email notification:

  • The first attempt will occur one day after the failed attempt.
  • The second attempt will be made 3 days later; and our last attempt will be made 3 days after that.

 This amounts to a total of a 7 day grace period to update your billing details - this means your subscription will not be cancelled for these 7 days while we’re attempting to bill your card.


There a few reasons why your subscription payment might have failed:  

  • Expired or canceled credit card  - Please contact your Credit Card issuer to request a new card, and update your billing details in your Empatica Account to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Insufficient  funds on your credit card - please restore the funds on your card before the next payment attempt.

If the payment doesn’t go through after 3 attempts, the service plan will be interrupted (alerts will not be sent to Caregivers).


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