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If you are a Study Participant, contact your Administrator directly as information in the Support Center is intended for qualified researchers and healthcare professionals. Misapplying the information below may affect your data collection.

Unable to access the Care Portal



The availability of Care Portal access on this plan is defined by the Organization during the Study setup. Please verify with your Organization or contact your account manager before requesting access to the Care Portal.


Accessing the Care Portal will allow participant management activities such as adding new participants, managing their enrollment, and resetting and downloading their credentials.


enterprise Care Portal access available

Research and healthcare professionals receive their login credentials by email from an Empatica representative during the Study setup.

If you haven’t received the email or you are having issues with accessing the Care Portal, contact your account manager or the Empatica Support Team ( with the following information:

  • Organization
  • Study and Site name
  • Email address to be used for logging in the Care Portal



Note that the process below applies only to research and healthcare professionals on the Professional plan. If you are on the Enterprise plan, check the information in the section above.

  • If you have the professional plan and you don’t have the credentials to the Care Portal, follow the instructions below to request for access:
    1. On the login page, click ‘Register Now’ to enter the registration flow. Type your email address and choose a password following these guidelines:
      • Between 12 and 160 characters
      • 1 upper case letter (at least)
      • 1 lower case letter (at least)
      • 1 number (at least)
      • 1 special character (at least)
    2. You'll receive an email asking to confirm your email address. Once the email is confirmed, you will be brought back to the login page
    3. Enter your email and password again to enter the Care Portal
    4. During the first access, you'll be asked to input your name and surname. Click ‘CREATE A STUDY’ to continue
    5. A short guide will be shown on how to start the data collection


  • If you have the professional plan and you already have the credentials but still can’t access the Care Portal:
    1. Make sure the email address has been verified by clicking on the link in the verification email.
    2. Reset your password by following these steps:
      • Go to the Care Portal and click ‘Forgot your Password?’
      • Follow the procedure by entering the account email address and then ‘CONTINUE’
      • Check your email inbox and click the link in the password reset email
      • Create a new password following the guidelines:
        • Between 12 and 160 characters
        • 1 upper case letter (at least)
        • 1 lower case letter (at least)
        • 1 number (at least)
        • 1 special character (at least)

If the issue persists, fill the form by clicking on Submit a request at the bottom of this page or by going to this link. Please provide all the information needed to the Empatica Support Team and we will then reach out directly to assist you further.

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