Changing the Embrace band



Perhaps you'd like to wash your band or switch it out with a new one, but aren't sure of how to remove it from the watch.

It's easy to do so following these steps.


To remove the stretchable band:

1. Insert removal tool between watch band and watch shoulders.

2. Apply pressure on the tool towards the band until it releases.

3. Slide out band, and repeat the process on the other side.




 To insert a new stretchable band:

1. Insert and slide the pins through the loops.

2. Place bottom end of spring bar in the hole and keep it in place.

3. Compress spring bar to fit in the opposite hole, then release.




To change the vegan leather band:

1. To remove, slide peg, and band will automatically release.

2. To insert, hold band at 45 degree angle.

3. Insert pin closest to you in the hole.

4. Slide peg towards you, insert other side, and release.


Disclaimer:  The spring bar tool is a choking hazard, and should be kept out of reach of small children.



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