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Getting started with EmbracePlus

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.


Before turning EmbracePlus on to start data collection, make sure that you have generated participant credentials for logging into the Care App. You can check this article for a step-by-step guide on the setup and use of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform.


Out of the box, EmbracePlus will be powered off. Follow the steps below to turn it on and start the pairing process:

  1. Press the upper side button to power on EmbracePlus, as indicated by the small hand on the removable sticker.
    Turn on 1.png
  2. The EmbracePlus display will greet you with a ‘HI’. You may remove the sticker and proceed with the next step. If nothing happens with the button press, the EmbracePlus battery may be off and the device needs to be placed on the cable charger.
    turn on 2.png

  3. Pair EmbracePlus with the companion app installed on a compatible smartphone by following the in-app instructions:
    1. Make sure that EmbracePlus is turned on. Tap ‘Start pairing’ to proceed.
      Care_Pairing1_Start pairing.jpg
    2. Keep EmbracePlus and the participant’s smartphone next to each other while the app searches for a nearby EmbracePlus.
    3. Once an EmbracePlus is found, the serial number will appear on the screen. If there are multiple EmbracePlus devices available onsite, you may have to choose from a list of devices. Verify the EmbracePlus serial number by checking the bottom of the EmbracePlus pod.
      E+ bottom with SN.png
    4. Tap ‘Pair this EmbracePlus’. EmbracePlus will show ‘BT’ on the display when it has received a pairing request via Bluetooth from the smartphone. Press the upper button ('OK') to accept the connection request or press the lower button (‘NO’) to reject it.
      1. Confirm the pairing only if you are sure of the device from which the pairing request is coming.
      2. If no button is pressed, the pairing request will timeout and the pairing will not happen. Follow the app instructions to retry the pairing.
    5. Wait for EmbracePlus and the smartphone to establish the connection.
    6. The pairing is confirmed when you see the message, ‘EmbracePlus is paired and ready to collect data’.
  4. If the pairing does not occur within a few minutes, EmbracePlus will automatically switch off to preserve the battery. Return to step 1.
  5. EmbracePlus is set once you see the time and the Empatica heart icon displayed.
    with emp heart.png
  6. An onboarding guide on how to wear EmbracePlus correctly will be shown on the app. We recommend reading the guide thoroughly to ensure good data collection.
  7. The Care App will show the status ‘Care is working correctly’ on a teal-colored background. Now you are ready to use EmbracePlus alongside the Care App. See here for more information on the different statuses of the Care App.



Android Companion device configuration

Android manufacturers may shut down applications such as the Care App from running in the background to optimize the phone’s battery life.

It is recommended to allow the Care App to run in the background. Whenever the app is closed, the phone is unable to communicate with the EmbracePlus, and the connection will be lost. Android manufacturers are known to implement power-saving features that shut down apps in the background to prolong the phone’s battery life. This may also cause the Care App to be shut down while running in the background.

Following the steps below may allow the Care App to fully function even while placed in the background (these settings can vary depending on the phone model):

  1. Allow the Care App to run in the background by enabling unrestricted battery access.
    • Settings > Apps > Care App (App info) > Battery > choose Unrestricted or
    • Settings > Apps > Care App (App info) > Battery usage > enable Allow Background Activity
  2. Disable any battery optimization features from the phone’s settings.
    • Settings > Battery > toggle OFF any power-saving features or modes
  3. Lock or pin the Care App in your Recent apps
    • Recent apps > Care App > Lock app (padlock icon)
  4. Disable any ‘deep sleeping’, ‘sleeping’, ‘doze’ modes, or similar features on the phone.
    • Settings > Battery > Background usage limits > remove Care App from ‘Sleeping apps’ or
    • Settings > Battery > top-right 3 dots > Battery Optimization > All Apps > find Care App > select Don't Optimize

For a smooth and continuous data collection, we also recommend connecting EmbracePlus to the smartphone without any other Bluetooth pairings. With some smartphones (particularly Android models), connecting additional Bluetooth devices such as wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, etc., might cause issues in the data flow from EmbracePlus to the paired smartphone.

Disclaimer: The settings depend on the make and version of the Android OS running on the phone. For optimal performance, check the compatibility requirements here.

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