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Wearing EmbracePlus

Wearing EmbracePlus correctly is essential to ensure good data collection. Follow these steps to make sure EmbracePlus is worn properly:


  1. The participant can wear EmbracePlus on the non-dominant hand, unless otherwise specified.
    • Since the EmbracePlus PPG sensors measure the light reflected from the skin surface, note that daily movements of the dominant hand may possibly cause motion artifacts. Wearing EmbracePlus on the non-dominant hand allows for less movement and more reliable high-frequency PPG data.
  2. The watch face should be placed on the dorsal side, about an index finger’s width from the wrist bone.
  3. Fasten the band and secure EmbracePlus. It should fit snugly on the participant’s wrist so that the device does not move freely.
  4. Make sure that the sensors are in contact with the participant’s skin.
    • Ensure that the band holder or free loop does not cover the EDA sensors located near the buckle of EmbracePlus.
  5. The green light from the PPG sensor LEDs* on the bottom case should be completely covered. There should be no visible green light on the skin.

Wearing EmbracePlus incorrectly may affect the quality of data collection.

*The presence of PPG sensor LEDs depends on the EmbracePlus Sensor Mode configured in the study.


Use with water

EmbracePlus is waterproof, and can be worn during exercise and while taking a shower.

However, remove EmbracePlus while swimming in saltwater or while using a hot tub, sauna, or steam room. Do not submerge EmbracePlus in water that is deeper than 3.3 feet/1 meter for longer than 30 minutes.

Bluetooth connectivity does not work if EmbracePlus is submerged in water. Data therefore cannot be transferred to the companion app during this time. Instead, the data will be stored in the local memory of EmbracePlus until it is re-connected to the companion device.

Data collected with EmbracePlus while it is fully submerged in water may not be completely reliable. Only the accelerometer data can be considered reliable, as any other sensor reading might be affected by the water.


Do not wear EmbracePlus in case of the following scenarios:

  • On injured skin or other types of skin diseases located in the area where EmbracePlus is worn. Wear EmbracePlus only on intact skin.
  • Over a tattoo, as it may affect how the PPG lights are absorbed. PPG-related data may not be reliable when worn on tattooed skin.
  • When EmbracePlus appears to be damaged.
  • In case of skin irritation after prolonged use, it is suggested to change the recording location by wearing EmbracePlus on the other wrist, unless otherwise specified.
    • Make sure to clean EmbracePlus to avoid further irritation. Without regular cleaning, skin irritation is more likely to occur.
    • When EmbracePlus gets wet, make sure that it is completely dry before wearing it again, unless otherwise specified.
    • If the skin becomes red, itchy, or if any pain is felt for more than 2-3 days even after cleaning, it is suggested to discontinue use.
      • Fill out the form at this link to report the skin reaction to the Empatica Support Team. The team will then reach out directly to assist further.

The materials used in the manufacturing of EmbracePlus are widely used in wearable devices. Empatica performed biocompatibility tests according to the ISO 10993 standard series and has successfully passed the tests. Nevertheless, rare instances of sensitization may still occur, even in individuals without known allergies to device components.

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