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Tagging Events with EmbracePlus

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.

The availability of Care Portal access on enterprise is defined by the study configuration. For further information on your study configuration, talk to your Study team or account manager.

Event marking, also called event tagging, provides an easy way to annotate collected data. Depending on your study configuration, the ‘User Tag’ feature will be enabled or disabled. EmbracePlus allows the user to mark/tag an event by long-pressing one of the two side buttons. When a research team downloads and reviews the collected data, they will be able to utilize the ‘User Tags’ to observe what the data shows during that specific moment.

How to tag an event using EmbracePlus:

  1. Locate the two side buttons on the outer edge of EmbracePlus
  2. Press one of the EmbracePlus side buttons for one (1) second
    • Pressing either side button will perform the same tagging function
    Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 4.07.51 PM.png
  3. A gentle vibration will occur while a checkmark icon appears on the display, confirming the action was performed successfully
    • The tag is created when the button long-press is detected by the system
  4. The display will then return to showing the time with a light background

How to view a tagged event:

‘User Tags’ are provided as raw data, and can be downloaded from the Empatica Cloud. In the downloaded raw data, the timestamp for each marked/tagged event is provided in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+0), in microseconds (μs).

For more information about how to download collected data, please see: Accessing Data on the S3 Bucket

How can I use event marking in my data collection?

Event marking can help researchers and participants track key events, symptoms, and periods of time. For example, your research team, or the participant, might:

  • Add a tag to indicate the start/stop of a protocol
  • Add a tag to monitor a specific event such as an action, movement, or activity
  • Add a tag to track an emotion, behavior, or physical symptoms
  • Add a tag to synchronize a data collection period with a video recording

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