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Monitoring Participant Wearing Time

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.

The availability of Care Portal access on enterprise is defined by the study configuration. For further information on your study configuration, talk to your Study team or account manager.


The Care Portal allows researchers to remotely monitor the Participants' Wearing Time. This feature may help your study team understand if study participants are correctly wearing EmbracePlus and effectively transmitting data. This can help with the early detection of possible issues and allow you to promptly intervene.

Your study team can check the Wearing Time by going to the ‘Digital Biomarkers’ page under the ‘Monitoring’ section of the Care Portal. Click on the participant’s row, or hover over the 3 dots, and click on the person icon to enter the detailed view of a single participant.


Overview of the Participant View

In the Participant View, you will find the following information at the very top:

  • PARTICIPANT FULL ID: Formatted as OrgID-StudyID-SiteID-ParticipantID
  • STATUS: Waiting, Monitoring, Paused, Early Term, Full Term
  • S/N LAST PAIRED EMBRACEPLUS: Serial Number of the last paired device


Hover over the info circle   next to each category to view a breakdown of the information.

Click on the question mark   in the top-right corner to find more information about the participant’s use of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform.

The following information will be displayed:

    • Vendor: Vendor of the device
    • Model: Model of the device
    • Serial: Serial number of the device
    • Firmware: Firmware version of the device
    • Paired: Timestamp of the last Bluetooth pairing
    • Battery: Current battery percentage
    • Free memory: Current percentage of available on-board memory
    • Updated: Timestamp of the last received battery and free memory information
  • APP
    • Platform: OS of the phone used
    • App version: Currently installed app version
    • Updated: Timestamp of the last app update



Below the participant details section, it is possible to select the time frame of interest and its precision.



Clicking on the date allows the selection of a custom date range.
By clicking on the arrows to the right, you can move the date range to the previous or next time frame. For example, if your date range is set to the ‘last week’, clicking on the left arrow will move your view to the previous 7-day range.


Time frame and precision availability depend on the current study configuration.

Additional information about Digital Biomarkers is available through Monitoring Participant Digital Biomarkers.

Wearing Time

All the data shown on this page uses the current Participant’s time zone.
If the Care Portal user has a different time zone than the active participant they are viewing, a warning will be shown at the top of the page detailing the time zone difference.

The Wearing Time section provides a visual representation of the total amount of minutes spent when the device was worn correctly, when the device was not worn correctly, and when no data were recorded.

You can hover the mouse over a bar to visualize a detailed breakdown.


Worn correctly:

Wearing Time displays teal bars when the device is being worn correctly.

Each minute is evaluated and determined as Worn correctly if the device is detected as worn for at least 75% of a minute.


Not worn correctly:

Indicates the device has not been worn or its position/fit was incorrect.

Wearing Time displays black bars when the device is not being worn correctly or not worn at all.
Each minute is evaluated and determined as Not worn correctly if the device is detected as worn for less than 75% of a minute. We recommend always ensuring that EmbracePlus is worn correctly, further detailed in the following article: Wearing EmbracePlus

Hour precision


Minute precision


No data recorded:

Wearing Time data is absent when the device is not recording, or when collected data is yet to be uploaded.

Some conditions may cause no data to be present even when EmbracePlus is actively recording:

  • EmbracePlus is charging - Recording stops and all the onboard sensors are disabled while charging, resulting in No data recorded.

  • No Bluetooth connection - When EmbracePlus is out of Bluetooth range, Bluetooth is disabled, or EmbracePlus is unpaired, it is not able to sync the collected data with the Care App, resulting in No data recorded.

  • Care App is not running - The Care App needs to be allowed to run in the background to be able to sync and upload the data. Some Android devices also require disabling energy-saving features for the Care App to prevent sudden disconnections.

  • The Participant logged out - When the participant logs out of the Care App, collected data cannot sync and upload to the Care Portal. EmbracePlus may still be recording data.

  • EmbracePlus onboard memory is full - If there is a temporary disconnection between EmbracePlus and the Care App during recording, the data will continue to be recorded and stored in the onboard memory. However, when the onboard memory reaches full capacity during the disconnection, EmbracePlus will pause recording additional data until it is reconnected to allow data sync with the Care App.

We recommend reviewing our troubleshooting section in case any problem persists, or you need assistance in contacting our Support Team.



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