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Cleaning and Sanitizing EmbracePlus

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Why should EmbracePlus be cleaned regularly?

EmbracePlus is designed to be worn continuously. Like other items that are used frequently, there is the potential for dirt, bacteria, or sweat to build up over time. Cleaning EmbracePlus regularly will help maintain the device’s condition and prevent any irritation that could occur from wearing a device that has not been cleaned regularly.

EmbracePlus should only be worn on the surface of healthy skin. Without regular cleaning, skin irritation is more likely to occur. It is recommended by Empatica to clean and sanitize EmbracePlus bi-weekly when the device is exchanged between multiple participants, or in case the user experiences any itching or skin irritation.

Remove EmbracePlus from the body when cleaning or sanitizing. Do not clean EmbracePlus while wearing it.

How to clean EmbracePlus:

To clean EmbracePlus, the user can follow these six simple steps:

  1. Remove EmbracePlus from your body
  2. Take a polyester/cellulose wipe
  3. Soak the wipe in 70% isopropyl alcohol for five (5) minutes
  4. Thoroughly clean the EmbracePlus for at least one (1) minute by wiping the whole device
  5. Visually check the whole device for traces of dirt. In case you see any visible contamination, repeat the cleaning procedure
  6. Let EmbracePlus dry before wearing or sanitizing it

How to sanitize EmbracePlus:

To sanitize EmbracePlus, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Take a polyester/cellulose wipe
  2. Soak the wipe in 70% isopropyl alcohol for five (5) minutes
  3. Thoroughly wipe the EmbracePlus for at least ninety (90) seconds
  4. Let EmbracePlus dry thoroughly before using it again

Do not use any cleaning agents other than those described above without explicit written instructions from Empatica. EmbracePlus cleaning and sanitization procedures were validated following ISO 17664 and AAMI TIR 30 standards.

Skin Irritation and Allergic Reactions:

In case of skin irritation after prolonged use, it is recommended to switch the recording location, for example, by placing EmbracePlus on your other wrist (if allowed, per your study’s protocol). Make sure to clean EmbracePlus to avoid any potential for further irritation.


In case of an allergic reaction persisting beyond 2-3 days, it is recommended to immediately stop using EmbracePlus and contact the administrator of the device.

Please notify Empatica of the event, by contacting the Empatica Research Support Team.


The materials used in the manufacturing of the EmbracePlus are widely used in wearable devices. Empatica performed biocompatibility tests according to the ISO 10993 standard series and the device successfully passed those tests.


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