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Introduction to Empatica and its technology

Empatica is a recognized leader in the field of epilepsy, creating groundbreaking technology in seizure monitoring. Our technology is also used to monitor the sympathetic nervous system, by measuring the subtle electrical changes across the surface of the skin.


We designed and developed Embrace, the world's smallest and most accurate wearable device for medical research. It received FDA clearance for its seizure monitoring system based on non-EEG physiological signals. Its lightweight and attractive design make it easy to wear and integrate into daily life. Our products are used by the most distinguished universities and hospitals in the world, and the science behind our technology is based on years of research carried out by leading experts in the field.

We have adapted our infrastructure and product from the epilepsy market to support the advancement of research. On top of sensor data, we also monitor sleep, activity, autonomic arousal, and of course, convulsive seizures. Whether your research is in epilepsy monitoring or general physiological data collection, our system has already been proven to be reliable. Our team of data scientists is constantly working on refining and developing algorithms. Contact us for more information:

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