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Charging Embrace

Embrace2 takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge and will last around 40-48 hours. The original Embrace takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes to charge but lasts 24-30 hours.

As all rechargeable batteries are consumable components, the battery life will gradually decrease over time as a result of normal use.

Remember that while Embrace is charging, you should have someone around that can provide help in the event of a seizure.


To charge your Embrace follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect the charging dock to a powered USB port on a computer, a USBwall socket, or a USB Power adapter connected to a power source.


  • Step 2: Make sure the heart symbol matches the heart on the charging dock. If you cannot see the symbol, simply make sure the sensors on the bottom of the device fit into the dents.



  • Step 3: Within 20 seconds, an orange light will fill the LED circle on Embrace until the battery is fully charged. At this point, the light will turn green indicating your Embrace is fully charged.



If your Embrace battery was completely drained, it will reboot when placed in the charger. A white circle will light up a few seconds after connecting the device to the charger.  


If you're having trouble charging, please try the below tips:

  • Adjust Embrace slightly in the charger to ensure proper contact.

  • Make sure that the connection tip of the USB cable is thoroughly inserted into the charging dock.

  • Try charging Embrace with a different USB cable and different wall adapters (we always recommend charging with a 5v outlet). If you're charging Embrace through your laptop, please make sure it's connected to the external power source.

  • Charge Embrace using a different power source.

  • Clean the charging dents and the electrodes on the back using a dry cleaning cloth to remove any dust or accumulated dirt.


Tips to maximize Embrace’s battery life:

  • Don’t leave Embrace discharged for an extended period of time (beyond 2 weeks).  This may damage the battery. 
  • Avoid charging Embrace in extreme temperatures—below 32°F and above 113° F (below 0° C and above 45° C). 
  • In fact, even leaving your Embrace in extreme temperatures may damage its battery capacity. In very cold temperatures, the battery may not last as long, but this is temporary, and will return back to normal when temperatures have increased. Very hot temperatures may decrease its battery capacity. 



If the above steps haven't worked for you, please reach out to us at . 

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