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How tagged events data look in the RAW data

Where the Care App and Care Portal are mentioned, the articles in the Support Center refer to both the professional Plan (Care Lab App and Care Lab Portal) and the enterprise Plan (Care App and Care Portal), unless indicated otherwise.

The availability of Care Portal access on enterprise is defined by the study configuration. For further information on your study configuration, talk to your Study team or account manager.

By pressing either side button for 1 second, EmbracePlus allows the participant to create an Event Tag.
More information about Tagging Events is available in the following article: Tagging Events with EmbracePlus

Tags are then found in their respective Avro file under rawData>tags in the tagsTimeMicros array.

"rawData": {
"tags": {
"tagsTimeMicros": [

Each Tag is a microsecond UNIX timestamp in UTC+0 format.

More information about Avro files and how to access them can be found in the following article: How to access Avro files with Python

The article includes an example Python script to convert Avro into CSV. Tags are then found in the tags.csv file.


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