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Mate app not showing data

Andy Wilkin 30 comments
How long does the mate app take to receive data? I've been wearing my watch for a day and there is no data on there y...

Mate app

Michelle Gorey 1 comment
Can’t seem to download mate app fully

Mate App not showing data - without "No data" message

Hilary Shackelford 1 comment
Hi, I've downloaded and been using the Mate app since Wednesday, July 19th. At first, data showed on the app but sinc...

Time shown on Mate app seems wrong

Bart De Putter 1 comment
I've the mate app for my partner to detect seizures and sleep pattern. At the moment it is 22:20 in London and on the...

Embrace poor connection

Zachary Lesko 0 comments
So I cant find the first submit I attempted to here is a new attempt. I attempted to Pair my new phone with my embrac...

Mate data problem

Mateo Ochoa 0 comments
My son uses the embrace and even if it's connected with the Alert app, the Mate app doesn´t shows the data, sometimes...

Mate App Data Issues - even after reset

Samantha Medeiros 3 comments
Hello all, I just received my Embrace Watch yesterday, I've been wearing it for approximately 12 hours now. Nothi...

Report a seizure

If I'm not Using the clock and Embrace I had a seizure, how can I mark it in the application The day I WAS What's Ins...

mate app not recording

Lucy Hawthorne 1 comment
Hi, My daughter has had her embrace watch for a week now.  at the moment we can't seem to get hardly any activity dat...

Embrace not pairing

Analicia Rodriguez 0 comments
Hello! We are brand new to the Embrace world. My daughter received hers on Monday. From the moment we started tryin...

Bluetooth issues

Emilio Castro 5 comments
I got my watch a month ago, it was working well the whole time, however, all the sudden yesterday stopped responding...

Beyond unhappy with this company

Sadie Sherbondy 10 comments
I have been corresponding for weeks with Agnieszka. I have requested a call many times and asked to speak to a superv...

Mate App will not open

Kale Rowan 6 comments
The Mate app used to work without any issues on my Nexus 5x, but randomly without any major updates the Mate app refu...

Can I delete a manually imported seizure event from my Mate calendar?

Bethany Jackson 1 comment
I was charging my Embrace watch while watching TV with my family, so it was not on me when I had a seizure. Later, I ...

Mate App no data

Katherine Perry 20 comments
The Mate App is not showing any data. All sessions are being uploaded and I've watched it sync over 50 sessions for t...

Mate app not recording data?

Emma O'Kelly 7 comments
My embrace isn't recording certain data. Activity is all off, I'm finding it'll only record about 100 steps and the d...

No data on the Mate app due to full memory

Ashley Washburn 1 comment
I can't get my mate app to work at all. It says my memory is full. I also noticed that there is a real time app, is t...

Meaning of sleep fragmentation

Luis Alberto Rico Guillen 1 comment
Could anybody explain us this parameter in Mate app? Txs a lot

Missing data on the Mate app

Jennifer Gristock 7 comments
I dislocated my knee at 1.15pm on 14 Oct and then had a seizure at 5.19 pm, but for some reason there is a gap in my...

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