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Embrace didn’t detect my seizure. Why?

Martina G 19 comments Completed
Embrace is designed to identify events that involve unusual motions produced by the wearer in addition to autonomic a...

Beta app

Madison ybarra 1 comment
We get a weird message when we try to use the new beta app on an iPhone 6plus. Any tips or can we just rely on THe ol...

New charger not charginf

Timothy McFadden 0 comments
Embrace new charger no longer working. It is no longer charging my son's watch. Please help!


Daniel Mamone 1 comment
Hi, how are you doing? I wanted yo know of the app only shows the dates of alerts or wether it provides some kind of ...


Why do you not send alerts to emails everyone has them and has access to them with via there home work or mobile conn...

Watch gets stuck on white ring

Andy Wilkin 1 comment
About once a month the watch keeps going to a solid white ring and the only way to resolve it is it let the battery...

Pregunta sobre convulsiones

Manuel López galvez 0 comments
¿recibo la llamada antes que empiece las convulsiones o cuando ya han comenzado las convulsiones? ¿El reloj detecta ...

Alert Information

Robert Havicon 1 comment
I thought in the past when a caregiver received an alert they also received the gps information and a map that showed...

Turning off alarm

Wilson Dodson 1 comment
For the life of me, I can't turn of the alert to inform my wife of false positives. I've tried the tap twice method i...

Not able to submit feedback on Android/HTC phone

Christopher Love 1 comment
The voice and keyboard do not close when inputting a suggestion and I therefore cannot click on the submit feedback b...

Don't need to alert care givers

Gail Barry 1 comment
I dont have carers, I don't need to keep Embrace paired to send alerts, can I stop the red lights flashing  ( will th...

Missed a seizure

Trever Polk 3 comments
Hello, my son has infrequent tonic-clonic seizures always in his sleep. The Embrace detected the last two seizures su...

Watch not syncing

Arden Franks 1 comment
Hi, We updated our watch last night here in Gympie Australia, Was very happy to see that the team had fixed the glitc...


Benjamin Maron 1 comment
My son has had his embrace for the past few months (started wearing it in October last year) - we were under the impr...

bluetooth corelation with wifi connection

Zuzana Hassova 3 comments
Dears, we need help to fix connection with bluetooth and some others situation nr 1: if the wifi is weak, can it be b...

Does Embrace predict seizures?

Gilardi Maria teresa 1 comment
Hello everybody, my mother is a 74 years old woman, we bought her an embrace watch she has seizures one or twice a mo...

Phone cant find embrace

Brittany Loka 1 comment
I took my watch off the charger and now i have the orange triangle. I tried turning off bluetooth, restaring phone, u...


Tanya GILES 1 comment
Why doesn't my watch send an alert if my 3yo takes it off.

Syncing Data

Tina Santman 1 comment
I have an issue with my watch syncing the data to my phone. Blue tooth can be on, phone right next to my watch and it...

More info about alerts

James Clark 1 comment
Can a care giver get detailed alerts when a alert is sent to the care giver? I just received my first alert saying my...

Watch not lighting

Vivian Coke 4 comments
Our watch seems to notnbe working. It won't light up at all. It reads fully.charged but when I take it off the charge...

Embrace reliability

martina rossi 1 comment
Since I received the embrace 2 month ago, my daughter has been wearing it each night. She suffers epilepsy seizures r...

Monitor anxiety and depression?

Angel Thompson 1 comment
Upon signing up I clicked that I was using the watch for seizure detection anxiety and depression. How it does this w...

Watch takes forever to charge

Bret Pape 3 comments
My son's watch takes forever to charge. When I say forever I'm talking 10-12 hours per day. I have tried everything....

False alarm

Tomás Berduc 1 comment
My watch sent a false alarm early when i was travelling by car (thanks god i was not the driver) My Mother, who was w...

Lost Pairing

Daena Eldershaw 3 comments
I am finding that I have to re-pair the device to my phone (thus delete and re-upload the app) multiple times per wee...

Not holding a charge and now it is staying black , so that no charging is occurring!

Amanda Lukas 1 comment
Charge it for two days and now the screen is back , stays black so it isn't working . 

Why does my watch say disconnected when my phone is in my pocket?

Amanda Spreen 1 comment
My watch has the red X appear SO many times during the day, even though my phone is in my pocket and Bluetooth is on....

Memory issue solved.

Colleen Corbett 1 comment
Had issues yesterday with the memory being full, and not uploading to my phone. After loging out of the app, repairin...

Want charge

Robyn Wood 1 comment
Been on charger for over two hours and just a little over half full. Had to charge my phone two times so far. Do u...

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