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Lance Nephew 1 comment
Hello, I am trying to pair the embrace to an Iphone. It has previously been paired however when I try to pair it agai...


Mark Lloyd 1 comment
Hi Although we have not purchased an E4 yet we would be very interested in any SDK documentation thats publicly avail...

resetting embrace watch

Samantha Ash 1 comment
Hi. How does one go about resetting one's embrace, if you want to change arms. I'm wearing it on my right arm, which ...

Drivers for E4 manager is not installed on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Mahmoud Assaf 8 comments
Hello, 1- I try to install the E4 manager on several operating systems such Windows 7, 8 and 10. After the installati...

Impossible Use Case for Children

Daniel Sachs 3 comments
I have purchased this product to help us get alerts when our 5 year old son has seizures. The product looked promisin...

How to sync account

Emma Nichols 3 comments
I was given an embrace as a gift from a former epileptic but she hasn't signed out of her account and I need to dele...

Embrace won't connect with new phone

Ahmad Chaudhry 1 comment
I recently bought the new iPhone. I reset and sold my old phone but my embrace won't connect with my new phone or ev...

Server error?

Emily Miller 2 comments
Someone please help! Got my watch yesterday, paid for a subscription, went to go pair it up with my phone on the aler...


Emily Waldron 1 comment
I would like to return this watch. It is NOT what I ordered. How can I speak to a customer service representative to ...

New to Embrace- For Child

Kylie 1 comment
I've recently purchased Embrace for a young child- 3 or 4 years old. Since she will not be carrying a phone with her,...


Patti Long 1 comment
Previously registered Watch. The new owner received the watch and receives and error message that says the watch is ...

Watch Syncs and Unsyncs frequently

Helen Rundle 1 comment
Helen goes to bed with her watch and phone paired and apparently working fine. The phone is only a few feet from her ...

Does the watch still record whilst not connected?

Les Wise 1 comment
If the watch is not connected to a phone is data still captured and will the watch still alert the wearer on the watc...

Second hand watch how to disconnect without knowing login and pass

Dan Froicu 0 comments
thank you for your help

Lost connection to the Embrace Watch. The watch will not pair or connect anymore.

Stephanie Garofalo 9 comments
 I've been using the Embrace watch since September with very little issues except frequent signal loss and false posi...

cannot log into account dispite multiple attempts

SCOTT FIGVED 3 comments
I can not log into my embrace beta account even after multiple atempts and several days. I have reset password, relo...

Pairing with multiple devices

Elias Rodriguez 4 comments
Hello! We got my sons Embrace today and can wait to use it! I was under the impression that it could be connected to ...

I need support anyone out there!

SCOTT FIGVED 3 comments
When tech support or even parts i.e. charging dock are needed it takes sometimes 3 days to get help. There has to be ...

Profile info associated with my Empatica Account

Patricia Gregg 3 comments
Just ordered one of the Embrace watches for my 17 year old son. Should I be setting up the account in his name or mine?

Adding caregiver's phone number

Torin Best 2 comments
I'm trying to add caregivers within the app, and it keeps asking me for a valid phone number. I've tried just the mob...

Brand new embrace - couple of teething issues

Luca Mallamaci 3 comments Answered
Just had my watch for one day....set up worked well (iphone5) and now have a couple of issues 1. Can the watch work ...

2 watches

Zephina Khanam 1 comment
I bought 2 watches for my brother and me. I was only able to select preference for him and nothing on my side. Will t...

Blinking Full Red Circle

Jodie McElwain Rodrigues 1 comment
Does anyone know what it means?  In the app it says it is paired to my phone and working fine but constantly blinks a...

Embrace not charging

Sergio Migliorini 4 comments
My New Embrace (two week´s), has one charge. After that it does´t work. Completely out of service... Cable and charge...

Embrace for children

Michael Bird 1 comment
Hi there! My son is 8 years old, and I've paired his watch with my cell phone, but he's not always with me. Is there ...

Watch won't sync

Lindsey Wood 8 comments
When I go to pair the watch it wont pair

How do you set up the embrace watch with your cell phone?

Vincent Chavez 3 comments
I'm unable to connect my embrace watch with my android cell phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I tried to downlo...


Caitlin MARTIN 2 comments
Multiple disconnects throughout the day and night without cause

Pairing with an iPad

Christy Taylor 3 comments
Just got my Embrace and can't wait to use it. I was hoping to pair it with an iPad. I downloaded the alert app, have ...

Night mode won't turn on

Orion Lyons 3 comments
So far, after just receiving the Embrace, we haven't been able to get it to go into Night Mode at all.I have rebooted...

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