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Insurance reimbursement

Braeden Usher 1 comment
Has anyone been able to successfully get reimbursed from their insurance company? I feel I was mislead when purchasin...

Adding features to watch and Match App

Adrienne Gumz 2 comments
Hello,  I think you should add an alarm to the watch to remind users to take their pills. I currently have an alarm s...

More Detailed Data

Iris Parker 1 comment
Hello! My daughter has had some tonic clonics in her sleep during which she quits breathing. This was my main reason ...

Suggestion for adding a function for the Alert/Mate app

E R 1 comment
When the Mate app shows a significant interruption during the night sleep, without having detected a seizure: it woul...

Empatica watch it

Tonya Knotts 2 comments
How does this work do you just put on wrist and it lights up red sometimes? Is that all it will do while I'm wearing it?


Katelyn Cornell 1 comment
I’m waiting to hear if I get a donated watch, I was extremely excited but now I’m wondering if all these negative thi...

Thinking about children and special needs adults wearing this

Colette Larson 1 comment
So I just received the Embrace for my adult special needs daughter. Some challenges are having her keep the band on. ...

e4 band not adaptable EDA position

fanny larradet 1 comment
I bought empatica E4 for research so I need the band to be adjustable for many people. However, the starting guide sa...


Ciara Bolger 1 comment
Does the embrace detect physical activity and stress levels and can this data be viewed? I purchased this watch for a...

Myoclonic seizures

Diana Cavanaugh 3 comments
Does embrace ditect my kind of seizures? From mild to strong  strength?

Embrace Apps for Apple Phone

Arcangela Edwards 2 comments
Dear Empatica Team, Do you have any plans to upgrade the Alert and Mate Apps to work with the new Cellular Apple Watc...

Troubles with the upload using WiFi only

Katie McConnell 1 comment
I have my watch to where it is suppose to upload but using WiFi only but I have to turn it on and off. I can’t just l...

Phone that pairs well

Kelly Lipinski 2 comments
What phone are you having success With? The watch is very effective for me, the algorithm actually picks up hypoglyce...

Replacement Band

McKenzie Ridings 3 comments
Hi all - I’d like to replace my Embrace band with a chainlink metal one (like you’d see on an Apple Watch). Does anyo...

E4 watch

Kristin Sheets 0 comments
I need my watch repaired my dog got a hold of it

Extra Costs

Valerie Lehman 1 comment
We just received our Embrace in the mail and I was so excited!!!! It didn't take long for the excitement to wear off ...

Rest Mode Feature - improved seizure detection

Bailey Wier 3 comments
Thought you would appreciate hearing that the Rest Mode feature is really working out well for me. I only have noctur...

IFTTT Integration

Norah Geels 0 comments
Please make it possible to integrate with IFTTT. In this way users are able to make alerts the way they want. For exa...

Suggestions about plans and website

Asoka Diggs 1 comment
I received an email from you (empatica) today letting me know that my free subscription has ended and it's time for m...

Completely disappointed with this product

John Peters 11 comments
I was an original purchaser of this device.  It was a very expensive investment for me to help me track my daughter's...

Now A Subscription To Receive Alerts

Amy Poe 1 comment
I purchased the Embrace for my wife during your crowdfunding event.  We sat, patiently, through multiple shipment del...

Need to be able to test Caregiver alerts

Andrew Roddam 1 comment
When setting up the alert app's caregivers, It would be really useful if we were able to click a button that created ...

Suggestion for Subscription Pricing

ThaoTam Tran 1 comment
It would be nice if you don’t charge fee and take away the caregivers when it’s expired on plus plan because I have e...

False alarm tv

qztt proprietativalcea 3 comments
FYI, all of the alarms are false, as I do not have epilepsy/experience seizures, but I am just supporting this wonder...

No Caregiver Alert when Watch loses connection

Jessica Rosengrant 1 comment
It is important for the caregiver and user to know when the watch loses connection. At night, if daughter is laying o...

Manual Alerts

Erin Roberts 1 comment
It would be wonderful if you could add a feature to send out manual alerts for all of us with aura's and other types ...

Feedback about the reports pay structure

Andy Wilkin 1 comment
Good afternoon, I just had a neurology appointment and they were praising the reports given out by the Embrace Watch...

Suggestion for Subscription Pricing

Elisabeth Alexander 17 comments
I just read the post on the new subscription model. I feel like the model is made to push parents into the higher 3 c...

False alarm

Claretta Dupree 1 comment
FYI, all of the alarms are false, as I do not have epilepsy/experience seizures, but I am just supporting this wonder...

Embrace Affiliate Program

Yumna Aysen 1 comment
I am really loving my embrace watch and it gives me a sense of comfort and I feel safe wearing it. I would really lik...

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