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Amar Merbouhi 1 comment
Je vous remercie infiniment pour cette technologie Ce bracelet m' a beaucoup aidé, je gère mieux mon stress et mes cr...

operating with the app.

Bill Kendrick 1 comment
I was wondering about this embrace app. There is a optional study review available using the app. I was thinking abou...

Swimming, phone ideas???

Kelly Lipinski 2 comments
I am wondering how others are figuring out staying paired with their phone while swimming.  I cannot seem to get very...

False alarms with wheelchair

Lucas Burge 8 comments
My son is wheelchair bound, everyday on the bus ride to and from school I get 10-15 false alarm calls. Anyone have a ...

Free memory?

Skylar Willmoth 6 comments
What does the free memory mean, what is it storing, how can I clear it? Will it still alert to seizures if it's at 0%?

Secondarily Generalized Seizures

Jay Rosenthal 7 comments
Some of us have tonic-clonic seizures that start in one area of the brain and spread to the entire brain within just ...

Reducing false alarms

Arnav Arjun 2 comments
Issue: Embrace detected multiple seizures for our toddler which were obviously false positives. We noticed that since...

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