Issues with provisioned phones




For some studies, the participant’s companion device is provided by the Study, often pre-configured or managed through an MDM (Mobile Device Management) to make sure that all the devices are configured in the same way. 


Since the provisioned companion device could be pre-configured or managed by an MDM, some troubleshooting steps described in this guide may not be allowed by the system management. Performing some actions, such as turning the Bluetooth OFF and ON, or deleting and reinstalling the Care App, to name a few, may be prohibited due to the provisioning company’s configuration.


Due to these possible restrictions, some common troubleshooting steps may not be possible to perform in resolving issues. Some of these common issues that could be affected by the restriction on troubleshooting may include but are not limited to:


During the troubleshooting process, verify that the participant is able to perform Empatica’s recommended troubleshooting steps on the provisioned companion device. If troubleshooting the above issues is not possible due to the companion device’s configuration, healthcare and research professionals should report the issue to the device provisioning company. 


In case Empatica is contacted for issues related to the provisioned device, the Empatica Support Team will likewise advice healthcare and research professionals to reach out to the provisioning company directly.